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Cavern Course

Here is your starting point to your future of diving in overhead environments. Here in Southern Mexico we can offer our customers the best that the world can offer in Cavern and Cave diving. Our dives start in Cenotes, which are the fresh water "wells" sacred to the ancient Mayans that previously inhabited this area. The Cavern Diver course is offered to all certified divers that have the interest to either just enjoy the cavern zone of the cave or those who are starting with the intention of going on to the Full Cave level.
During this course you will learn a number of new techniques that will allow divers to safely venture into the cavern zone of caves and enjoy the wonders that it brings. Some new equipment changes will be made and new techniques will be learned to open this area of diving. In addition to learning how to safely enjoy this new diving environment you will leave the course with ideas and techniques to apply to all of your safe diving practices in other diving environments.

Cavern Diver Course Prerequisites

Prerequisites- 18 years of age (16 years with both parents or guardians permission), Open Water certified by recognized training agency

Course Description: This course is outlined as a 2 1/2 day course which includes three cavern dives in two different caverns and one open water drill dive. The open water dive will be conducted in the pool area of a cenote to practice emergency drills like air sharing, and line following in simulated zero visibility. During this course we will cover the theory of under water communication, propulsion and trim techniques, conservation, equipment, cave formations and terminology, lines and dive planning for an overhead environment. The penetration into the cavern is limited to 130 feet from the surface with the natural daylight as primary light source, no restrictions, maximum depth of 70 feet, all dives will be conducted as no decompression dives, single tank penetration and minimum starting visibility of 40 feet. Upon completion of a final exam the Cavern Diver certification will be issued.

Maximum course size: Maximum number of students per instructor is three.

After completion and certification of this course divers will be issued a certification card as well as being qualified to plan and safely execute cavern dives to the limit of training.

The next step in advanced diver training is the Intro to Cave Diver level..








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