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Don't dive with some one that does not follow these basic safety issues.

We did not make the rules for Guided Cavern Tours, these are the acceptable standards set by the Cave Industry after reviewing accidents. These standards are set for the safety of the divers and the guides and to insure the safest diving possible. We ask that you dive within them and use services that use these as a minimum safety standard.


Your Guide:

1. Certified Full Cave Guide

2. Certified as an "active" Open Water Instructor


Guided Cavern Dive Limitations:


1. Always view of natural daylight & available ascent to the surface

2. Maximum depth of 70 feet / 21meters

3. Maximum linear distance from surface 200ft / 60 meters

4. No restrictions (places to narrow to fit 2 divers side by side)

5. No decompression diving

6. Minimum tank pressure to exit cavern 1200psi / 80 bar

7. Minimum of 2000 psi / 136 bar

8. Minimum visibility to start the dive 40 feet / 12 meters

9. Maximum of 4 divers per guide!!!!!


APSA is an association of dedicated dive centers working together on community programs based around the ideas of quality, conservation, and education. We are proud members of this group of professionals who are working together in many projects that benefit all facets of the community from beach cleanup projects to boat motor education. We will continue to provide the highest quality and best security measures for our guests here in the Riviera Maya. Read on to look at the current projects that the association is working on.
Cavern Guide Courses - The Riviera Maya has seen an increase in cavern diving over the last number of years which of course starts making an impact on the environment and the safety of divers involved. The goal of this course is to raise awareness of guides and divers alike to insure that we can maintain safe learning experiences in our tours. The minimum requirements for, guides, customers, equipment, a description of the course, the instructors, guides themselves, and surrounding projects can be found at the link below

Medical Form

If you think that you have a medical issue that might not allow you do dive but are not sure please fill out our medical form and follow the instructions on it, if you answer yes to any question you should have your doctor make sure its ok for you to dive and have him sign the form.



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