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Scott Carnahan
Scott is one of the founding members of the Training Facility and the Local Speleo Survey Project. Along with daily operation of the facility; he is diving, guiding, and training divers to many levels of advanced diving. Originally from the United States; he has lived, worked and dove throughout the Great Lakes areas, Central and Southern United States, Eastern Caribbean, the Sea of Cortez, Pacific and Eastern Mexico. He actively dives (and of course is certified in) Trimix Diving, Cave Diving, Wreck, as well as Rebreather Diving. Scott has been training divers for the last nine years and has certified hundreds of divers to various levels of training from open water to full cave. Some of the favorite locations that he currently guides and teaches in include: the deep walls and caves of Cozumel, the cenotes of the Riviera Maya, and the Deep Caves of Yucatan. Courses can be taught in English and Spanish with a joke here and there in Mayan. He is jointly responsible for the blending of Nitrox and Trimix, here in the store, for our students and divers to use and gases used by other local exploration projects. If you hate this website you can also hold Scott partially to blame.


IANTD Instructor for:
NSS-CDS Instructor for:
Open Water through Divemaster
Cavern Diver
Nitrox Diver
Intro to Cave Diver
Advanced Nitrox Diver
Apprentice to Cave
Deep Air Diver
Full Cave Diver
Nitrox Blender
Rebreathers (Dolphin & Ray)
TDI Instructor for:
Life Support Service Technician
Nitrox Diver
Advanced Nitrox Diver
Decompression Procedures
PADI Instructor for:
Cavern Diver
Open Water through Divemaster
Deep Diver - Nitrox Diver
Additional affiliations:
U/W Naturalist - Boat Diver
U/W Photographer - Cavern Diver
NASE - Instructor Trainer
Search and Recovery Diver
Handicapped Scuba Association
Night Diver - Wreck Diver
Member NSS-CDS
Medic First Aid - Drift Diver
Yucatan Deep
Underwater Navigation
Speleological Dive Team
PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
Member TDI
Member IANTD
Participant in the following exploration, expeditions and projects:
Yucatan Deep Cave Diving Expedition 2000
Bacalar Cave Exploration 2001
Yucatan Cave Exploration March 2001 (Homun)
Yucatan Cave Exploration June 2001 (Homun)
Local Speleo Survey - Cenote Angelita Mapping Project (2001 & 2002)
  Local Speleo Survey - Cenote Balinario Mapping Project (2001& 2002)  
Nohoch Adventure Expedition Dec 2001 - land / logistic support
Hidden World Scientific and Documentation Expedition - National Geographic/Karst Productions/INAH - 2002
Yucatan Cave Exploration w/Advanced Diver Magazine July 2002
Proyecto Rancho Cenote Perdido 2002
APSA Cavern Guide Course Program Coordinator

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Diving Playa Del Carmen is dedicated to all levels of divers from the Discover Scuba Diving, Open Water Diving Courses ( PADI, SSI, INTD, TDI ) Advanced courses to technical Diving Courses such as Cave Diving, Trimix, Nitrox and Rebreather.  You will find everything you need here hotel packages, diving packages and lots of more info on Playa Del Carmen and The Riviera Maya
You will also find the best scuba diving and travel Insurance that exists DiveAssure
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