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Basic Nitrox

Nitrox diving is for everyone. Recreational divers of all levels learn the proper usage of this enriched air to gain the benefits of diving with the higher oxygen percentages. Less fatigue, longer bottom times, shorter surface intervals, or more conservative dive plans all are the reasons that many people are making the switch from normal air to Enriched Air Nitrox. During this course you will learn learn about proper planning for EANx dives, the limits and usages of higher oxygen contents, and proper diving techniques while using Nitrox. No special equipment is required for this course and all of your normal diving equipment is suitable for this course.

Deep Air / Deco Procedures Course

We have already mentioned that Nitrox diving is for everybody but what about deep diving? First you must set a limit for what is deep, and that just depends on the people diving. For the purpose of training in this course it is 130 feet. Just because you have dove to these depths before does not mean there is nothing to learn here. There are a number of common reasons why divers are continuing to pursue this level of advanced diver training. One of the main reasons divers are taking the Deep Air course is they are curious about technical diving but just do not know (but would like to find out) what it will offer for them. Another reason many experienced recreational divers enroll are they know they would like to enter the world of technical diving but need to learn the basics and even break some bad habits they have learned along the way. For divers who have no desire at all to go on to technical diving but would like to dive safely and comfortably in the range from 60 to 130 feet.

Advanced Nitrox Course

If you valued and enjoyed your Nitrox training here is your next step. This course will extend your knowledge and develop skills to provide a greater understanding of the Nitrox concept. This course is ideally combined with the deep air course to start your future of technical diving. Learning advanced dive planning and mastering the use of double tanks, independent systems, and stage bottles are just a few of things you will learn during this course. Who are the divers that are taking this course? This course is ideal for divers with Deep Air Training who wish to carefully extend bottom times beyond that of Basic Nitrox. This course is as well for all divers who wish to get ready for a future of technical or rebreather diving, and those who wish to conduct serious decompression dives and who eventually will enroll in a Technical Diver Program. This is the highest level of non-professional and non-technical diver certifications.

Technical Diver / Extended Range Course

The name of this course says it all. This is the first course of many technical diving courses. During this level of training you will be diving in the 100 to 170 ft range using air, various Nitrox mixtures, and decompression mixes up to 100% Oxygen. In the classroom you will further your knowledge of decompression theory and theories of Nitrox and Oxygen use. Here you have made the change from Recreational diving into the world of Technical Diving. All courses at this level are taught using double tanks, harnesses, back plates, stage bottles, and a variety of different gases during the dives. For advanced dive planning a number of different decompression software programs will be used as well as tables. This is where the deeper oceans and waterholes of the world safely become within reach.

Intermediate Trimix Course

Intermediate Trimix sounds like a lot to handle but really it an exact course meant to serve the needs of large percentage of divers who desire a certain level of diving. This course is the perfect course for divers who wish to dive the depths from 130 to 200 feet using open circuit, but do not want to breathe air below 130 feet. The Trimix that you are putting in your tanks does the wonderful job of reducing the nitrogen narcosis on dives to the above depths. Whether your purpose for taking this course is to get ready for a full Trimix Course or to have this as an achievement all alone, you will find the safe dive planning and dive execution procedures of this course suitable for all of your reef, wreck, ocean, lake, or where ever you dive. During this course you will learn and practice how to reduce your Equivalent Nitrogen Depths to 120ft while never breathing less than 20% oxygen during your bottom time.

Trimix Diver Course

Interest in the deeper parts of the oceans, caves, and all underwater environments has brought Trimix Diving into the public. At one time not so long ago these mixtures of gases where not available to the diving public and where exclusively used in commercial and military diving. Now all technical divers can enjoy the benefits of diving these gas mixtures in many locations worldwide. Diving Trimix reduces narcosis at depths where air has too much nitrogen as well it is used at depths where Air is not an option because of its Oxygen content. The purpose of this course is to learn the proper uses of these gases, not to push depth limits. Trimix diving involves dives of all depths using mixtures that are suitable depending on the depth, the job or purpose of the dive, and your personal desires and limitations. Explorers as well as weekend technical divers both enjoy the applications of Trimix and the benefits of these gases. This course is taught along our beautiful local reefs, in sink holes, or abroad in your local area, which gives our students the widest variety of diving environments possible to prepare them for their future Trimix dives.

Nitrox Blender Course

The Nitrox Blender Course is designed to teach detailed technical information to students including applicable standards, equipment, safety when using oxygen, handling and cleaning for oxygen service, and of course the blending of Nitrox using a number of different systems. We  have an in house blending station complete with booster pump so studies are done here at the shop. Oxygen cleaning is done in our workshop area. This course is enjoyed by divers for a number of different reasons. If you are an Advanced Nitrox Diver looking to extend your knowledge of the gases you will get a lot out of this course. Any member of a diving facility that is dealing with, selling, or working around a Nitrox Fill Station should enroll in this course to to understand the liability, dangers, uses, applications, and uses of these gases.

Trimix Blender Course

The Trimix Blender Course is designed to teach detailed technical information to students including applicable standards, equipment, safety when using oxygen, handling and cleaning for oxygen service, and the blending of Nitrox, Trimix, and Helios using different blending techniques. Most divers at this level of diving are searching knowledge on where the mixes come from and how does the whole thing work Any member of a diving facility that is dealing with, selling, or working around a Trimix Fill Station should enroll in this course to to understand the liability, dangers, uses, applications, and uses of these gases. Another reason for taking this course is if you are involved in remote location diving and need to be self sufficient.

Service Technician Course

The purpose of this course is to train personnel (generally those working in dive centers) in the safe preparation and maintenance of life support systems that are used for diving, and with breathing gases other than air. Points included in this program include but are not limited to the servicing, maintenance and visual inspection procedures standard used and accepted for the scuba industry. Normally this course is taken in conjunction with other programs offered at our specifically the Nitrox Blender or the Trimix Blender or all three of them together. Dive centers worldwide are searching out these series of courses for the purpose of having a staff knowledgeable in the many facets of gas mixing and equipment preparation.

Semi Closed Circuit Rebreather Courses

Once again the tools used once only in technical, commercial, and military diving have come to the public to be used by divers, photographers, and adventurers. Semi Closed Circuit Retreater have applications in almost any diving environment depending on the desire and needs of the diver. No more exhaling and listening to the bubbles no more waste of precious gas. Recreational divers are starting to accept nitrox and with that you get a machine that uses it effectively and with additional benefits. Retreater diving has made Nitrox available to the diver warm, moist, and more abundant. Using gas supplies five times more efficiently than open circuit scuba gear is just one of the many reasons to start looking into this units. Now that Nitrox is available at most all dive resorts, rebreathers have gained the benefit. Our Training Facility is offering experience dives, units for rent, instruction, sales, and support for the Drager line of Semi Closed Circuit Rebreathers. We now have both the Dolphin and Ray for courses and all programs.

Closed Circuit Rebreather Courses

Closed Circuit Rebreathers is where it all starts to make sense. These machines are the best that current technology can provide as it pertains to underwater use. This advanced diving technology has been used successfully for years by scientist, military, and commercial divers and it is now the technical divers dream come true. Efficient gas use, warm delivery of air, all gases on board, long dive times, and compact construction are just a few reasons why these closed circuit rebreathers have come, and will stay as a front runner in technical diving market. Experience dives to try the benefits and sensation of real silent diving are available here at ProTec as well as all levels of instruction, support, guided ocean dives, guided cave dives, and sales pertaining to Inspiration and soon other specific units of Closes Circuit Rebreathers

Cave Cartography Specialty Course
Specialty cave training at our facilities are not only for divers. This course is designed not only for cave divers but for dry cavers as well. Really you could say this course is for anyone who has interest in developing and drawing cave maps, below or above the water. Many people have said if you don't map it or record it then you really weren't there. That might be a little tough but there is truth to the importance of proper data collection. This course is outline as a two-day course with no required dives. Theory and practice sessions are geared toward the drawing and publishing of cave maps from start to finish
Side mount Diver Specialty Course

Side mount specialty cave training is becoming more popular for our students. The reason for this is now divers see the many lucrative values of side mount diving. This style of diving is not only for explorers who are looking to squeeze through small areas but all cave divers who for reasons like: availability of single tanks over doubles and ease of walking or carrying single tanks over doubles. This course is designed for the cave diver who is looking for advanced training in different equipment configurations and diving techniques. Side mount diving is an extremely comfortable way of diving for many, as well as a way to sneak through those major restrictions. This is a two day course with diving, gear configuration and additional theory.

Stage Diver Specialty Course

This advanced level cave specialty course is perfect for trained full cave divers who are interested in to venture further into the cave environment than your standard set of double tanks allow you. In addition to greater penetration desires you will also learn techniques used by divers who choose to use different gas mixtures while diving in caves. No matter what your reason for wanting to take additional tanks into the cave with you here is how you learn the safe way to do so. This course is outlined as a two-day course with three staged cave dives involved. The theory and practice gained during this course will enable participants to extend the range of cave penetrations safely within safe air management rules.

DPV Pilot Specialty Course

What is a DPV Pilot? This is a person who understands the safe use of Diver Propulsion Vehicles and the safe limits of these machines. DPV's have been used for years by cave explorers, wreck divers, as well as recreational divers covering the reefs worldwide. These "scooters" are very effective tools to be used in all types of diving once a safe understanding of the limits, air planning, and usage is of these tools of diving is gained. The DPV diver course is intended for the trained and experienced cave diver who would like to utilize scooters / DPV s inside of caves. This course is outlined as a two-day course with three DPV cave dives. Theory and practice include the proper and safe cave diving techniques using a DPV inside of a cave



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