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Cenote Taj Maha is one of the dives you must do while visiting the Riviera Maya. Guided Cavern dives take you down a string of light zones making a dazzling underwater lazer like show. This dive site is a favorite for guides and customers alike who are constantly returning to see the changes in the dive as the seasons change (more so the angle of the sun). Haloclines in the deeper areas make interesting mirror like effects as divers penetrate into the layer of saltwater below the fresh. Keep your eyes open during this dive it is decorated with stalagmites and stalagtites in addition you will find many shell and coral fossils amongst the rocks.


Location:26 km south of Playa del Carmen / 5 km south of Puerto Aventura

  Hours of operation: 10-6 / everyday of the week  
  Bathrooms: Yes at the entrance (Restaurant Maya)  
  Restaurant on site-yes / serving food and drinks daily and into the night  
  Distance from gear up to water: 1min walk down stairs (easy)  
  Gear tables: Yes-2 wooden and one cement  
  Cavern Dives: Max depth 12 m / 45 ft (cavern zone) easily a 40 minute dive or more on a cavern tour, permanent gold guideline in place. This tour will take you through the points of light and the sugar bowl. Guided cavern tour standards.  
  Cave Dives: Upstream and Downstream cave dives possible, spectacular circuit on the downstream side not to mention the many options on the upstream side. Ask your cave guide for more details and where to find the Chinese Gardens.  
Snorkeling: This is a more advanced snorkeling area but for those who like to breathhold a spectacular show of lights very near the entrance just by diving under a ledge and surfacing in a bat cave.

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